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The Top Job in Real Estate

Al Lewis
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The Top Job in Real Estate

Team with National Luxury Homes Listing Leader
Al Lewis to Break-Into and Sustain Listing and Sales Success
At the "Top" or High-End of the Market.

Independent Brokers and Agents Browsing for a New
Inspiring Career Path and "Business Opportunity" Redirect to

It's likely you're here because the time is right for you to grow your business and you're looking for programs, tools and leadership to aid you.

You're in the Right Place / This is a program for licensed brokers and agents that know or feel they deserve the best and should be working with power and authority in their lives and careers. Listing and selling High-Quality Properties in the best neighborhoods, Custom Homes, Estates, and Resort-Oriented Residences is a path that leads to that end.

Earn commissions from $25,000 to $50,000 or $50,000 to $150,000 or more per transaction ten-to-twenty times a year or more by listing and selling properties priced from $1/Million to $10/Million or $10/Million to $20/Million or more often as wanted whatever your heritage, gender, age, education, skill level, or experience to date, independently, with or without a team.

   "I would like to share with you an easier, more pleasurable, more efficient way of getting and doing business at the top of the market, how to succeed by cooperating with it as opposed to competing with it, and surprise you with how easy it is.

   "Easy because I have laid the groundwork, developed the programs and executed them to fulfillment more than forty-five years running." 

Introductory elements and credentials relative to the top of the mark listing and sales program practiced by Al Lewis in the southern California market can be found for perusal through links on the sidebar to the left.

Programs, literature, and media provided are generic by "Affiliation" and targeted to your market, personalized, as directed by you.

The Top Job in Real Estate

The Best is Yet to Be / If experienced and you haven't yet gotten to where you want to go in real estate, consider letting go of means and methods not Clearly Visible or Believed Possible to be holding you back and, instead, walk in sync with someone who has walked-the-walk and talked-the-talk inside six decades of success (The 70s, 80s, 90s, Tens-Teens-and-Twenties) listing and selling real estate at every level of the market and within every turn of the economy. What surer way to succeed can you devise than that!

An Individual, Team, or Whole Company Can work with Broker, Al Lewis, under Broker's unique umbrella for cooperative listing at the Top of the market, The Real Estate Fellowship, and have new listings within thirty-days.

The program offered does not require that you be a Broker-Owner or change your associate-licensee status in any way. It is a unique opportunity to grow your business by working in a collaboration with an experienced Broker, a true sales and marketing vet, that lists and sells at the top of the market.

Program Elements Provided Affiliates (1) Cost Effective Lead Generation Strategies (2) Access (3) Break-In Strategies (4) A Comprehensive, Luxuriously Bound, Full Color Seller Services Portfolio (5) Patent Programs and Secrets of Success for Outlisting the Competition at Any Price Point (6) Standout Multidimensional Marketing Strategies including a Do-It-Yourself Sale-By-Auction Marketing Program and a Self-Generated MLS Targeted to Locals with Means and The International Community, the only Program of Its Kind in Real Estate (7) In-Field/In-House Support under Certain Circumstances and (8) Strategies for Cost Effective High-Level Marketing of Homes Listed.

Start at The Top / Success, it has been said, is found on the far side of failure. You
will bypass that curve completely (1) No downtime sitting through endless hours of high-cost in-office training (2) No high-cost farming (no farming) (3) No dragged out business development program (4) No buying of leads or bench ads, or magazine ads, or online profiles on Zillow, Trulia, or (5) No Google Adwords, Yahoo, or MSN pay-per-click advertising campaigns (6) No high-cost website or website optimization schemes and (7) No telemarketing or door-to-door prospecting.

You will bypass these things, yet have high-end listings on the market by the end of your first month working with me and my program every month after if wanted. You will start at the "Top" and stay there.

The Top Job in Real Estate / At this point you probably are asking yourself how this is possible; how you can build a career in real estate listing and selling at the top of the market without doing the things everyone else does as shown above; how this can be done nearly cost free and within only thirty-days of starting.

The answers are found within a program introduction, job description and start-up pro forma titled The Power of One: The Top Job in Real Estate. To receive this, stop here and send a request by email direct to / Be sure to provide your locale: State, City, and Contact Information.

This detailed article will define for you exactly (1) How to break-into and sustain listing and sales success at the "Top" or high-end of the market under the umbrella of The Real Estate Fellowship and as an Affiliate of Real Estate Professionals World Enterprise Marketing (2) It will help you determine your fit (3) It will define for you how and why this program is recession-proof, free of competition, and Top of The Mark.

To be in the market with an entirely new program for listing and selling luxury homes, estates and resort-oriented residences, or properties at any price point from low to high within only fifteen-days of start-up, merely follow the instructions at the back; you will have the -- Top Job -- in real estate substantiated by a lifestyle exemplifying balance and an income exemplifying wealth and status.

   "Talent and skill you have in abundance, I can assume this, but they must be channeled to be of value in the marketplace.

"To soar listing and selling real estate at the top of the market you have to have a story that makes you interesting, not a run-of-the-mill franchise rubber stamp, but a standout persona that satisfies the demands of a high-end selling situation worth paying attention to.

   "In affiliation with me (broker/mentor, Al Lewis) and my company, Real Estate Professionals World Enterprise Marketing, you will have this. You are a concerto in the making, a large scale musical composition for a solo instrument accompanied by an orchestra, play your music and be recognized."

We can never outgrow the limits we place on ourselves; we can only set new limits within which we must live. Poet Maya Angelou wrote, "If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities." Just think of it.

To Rise Above the Crowd, You Have to Rise Above the Crowd.
The Market is Always Good for Those at The Top.

I'm Here for You.

Al Lewis
Marketing Professional Since 1975

Real Estate Professionals World Enterprise Marketing
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Be Confident.

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